Searching For Best Supplements Online

Searching For Best Supplements Online

Supplements that work to increase muscle mass according to the latest studies.

There are hundreds of promising supplements to increase muscle mass, the Kamal team in their studies ensures that with the data we have so far, these are the ones that really work.


In his book “stack guide” and in the muscle gain section he talks about the three main ones and shown supplements for muscle gain.


There are many supplements that promote muscle growth, but they will never replace the muscle building capacity of a good diet and training, although s muscle building supplements that work will help you with the last 5%, 95% of your muscle building potential has to come of diet and training (and enough sleep).


Instead, let’s review non-androgenic supplements and performance enhancers that increase the rate of muscle growth by increasing the amount of physical work your muscles can do.



Creatine is a well-researched muscle gain supplement.


This results in two main effects:


  1. Creatine will increase the power output of the first series of an exercise since it can provide easily accessible energy for them.


  1. The less glucose is used at the beginning; it will last a little longer, which allows you to obtain an additional repetition since creatine is used for the first repetitions.


  1. Creatine brings water into the muscle cell, and places where post-stress inflammation is created in the membrane produced by the exercise, which promotes growth.


  1. Creatine can also reduce my statin (a suppressor protein hypertrophy), or slightly increase testosterone levels. The state of the surplus energy you have, taking creatine raises phosphocreatine, this also offers muscle growth.


Creatine is cheap, has very few side effects and a lot of benefits, which makes it a supplement that you should have.


And there is a greater likelihood of responding to creatine than most muscle building supplements, it is also the most studied and proven effective in increasing muscle mass.


Do not fall for the deception of choosing any of the creative types of creatine since the creatine monohydrate is the most reliable (also cheaper) is as effective as any other type of creatine. To learn more about creatine visit:  Everything you need to know about creatine and its studies



Beta-alanine has been called the little sister of creatine since it improves physical performance and you will have an inherent quality of muscle building. Although their effects are similar, the underlying mechanisms are quite different.


Beta-alanine leads to an increase in carnosine, which is a buffer, which means that it reduces the accumulation of acid in the muscle.


There is evidence that supplementation with beta-alanine increases the muscle growth rate when compared to a placebo, even when the volume of exercise and food intake are controlled, this is very important in that there is no doubt about its effectiveness, since it means that even though the researchers made sure that the two experimental groups were eating the same amount and doing the same exercises, the beta-alanine group gained muscle faster.


Beta-alanine is cheap and safe, although taking too much at one time can result in paresthesia, also known as tingling, paresthesia is harmless, so beta-alanine is definitely a complement to take into account.


It is important to note that beta-alanine and creatine in combo are synergistic, which means that the sum of the effects is greater if they are taken at the same time (beta-alanine and bicarbonate, they have also been related as synergists, Griffin 2015). Two supplements that combined will help you give that boost you need to gain muscle mass.


Nitrate and beet

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