Is Peps better than Steroids?

Is Peps better than Steroids?

The question would require you to understand the major difference between peptides and steroids. Let us delve on the difference between the two, as people tend to confuse peptides with steroids. However, it would be important to remember that both have been different from one another. Peptides are legal in most parts of the world and safe for usage, when the dosage has been adhered to in strict manner. The same cannot be said for steroids.

  • What are peptides?

Peptides have been short chains of amino acids. It would be pertinent to mention here that amino acid having 50 chains or longer would be deemed a protein. Anything less than 50 chains would be termed peptide. These are essential building blocks of protein. These could be useful in helping to enhance reproduction of cell, which would eventually assist in the process of healing, building muscles and more. Peptides or Steroids

  • What are steroids?

Steroids have been deemed as synthetic drugs replicating the effects of testosterone, an essential male hormone. The steroids have been known to work by activating the receptor sites, as the chemical composition is deemed similar to testosterone. On stimulation of the receptor sites, metabolic reactions would enable the drug to instruct the body for enhancing the production of muscles. It enables the user to train for longer duration and much harder. In the meanwhile, the body would start replenishing muscles and tissues at quicker pace.

Misconceptions related to peptides

It appears that several people think peptides and steroids to be relatively similar. However, their composition along with functioning has been entirely different. When it comes to overall health, you should be rest assured that anabolic steroids would be short-term gains, but risky nonetheless.

On the other hand, peptides would be much safer to usage. They would not produce growth hormone directly. Rather, they would send the messages to various parts of the body to trigger their natural muscle and cell production.

Risks associated with steroid usage

In case, you have been using steroids for body building or other illegal usage would have drastic effects on the overall health. It could cause paranoia, aggression, high blood cholesterol, blood pressure, mood swings, stunned bone growth, trembling or muscle tremors and fluid retention.

Why are peptides a safer alternative?

When it comes to choosing a safer option of the two, you should be rest assured to choose peptides over steroids. The peptides do not comprise testosterone, but it would encourage body into producing its own testosterone. On the other hand, steroids to be used by the body builder would actually be synthetic version of testosterone. It could make you an addict easily, as you may become impressed with the quick muscles and power gained in relatively short duration. As peptides have been deemed legal, it would be relatively easier to follow appropriate usage and administration under able guidance of doctor.

Peptides would be largely beneficial to your health needs. Therefore, it would be pertinent that you should be using peptides rather than investing your time and money on steroids.


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