How to take care of your teeth after whitening?

How to take care of your teeth after whitening?

You just need a minute, just 30 seconds. Thousands of a second according to professional psychologists. This is the figure that defines the length of time we need to make a first impression when we meet someone.


Of all the information that our brain analyzes in this phenomenon, 55% corresponds to body language. Experts in nonverbal communication claim that more than half of the information we perceive from a person responds to the appearance, especially facial attributes. In fact, numerous studies claim that the smile is the most important component in the attractiveness of a person.


You will know the appointment of Oscar Wilde, who comes to the case: “there is no second chance for a first impression”. For this reason, and on the occasion of the promotional campaign on aesthetic dentistry, which we offer this month, at Dental Company we have thought that you should know in detail how to take care of your teeth after a whitening treatment.


Before going on to describe the usual process of hygiene, we will tell you briefly what the treatment consists of. It is a procedure that reduces several shades the original color of the teeth. In this way, it clears them without damaging the teeth, giving them a whiter, cleaner and brighter appearance. Once you finish your teeth whitening treatment, it is important that you keep in mind these recommendations that we offer below:


  1. Watch your diet: Follow the table of prohibited and allowed foods

First, you must take care of your post whitening diet exhaustively. A bad choice can become a reason for treatment failure, as some foods and drinks stain the teeth. Among other recommendations, tobacco consumption stands out at this point. Smoking is the most important contraindication that your doctor will advise you in order to keep bleached longer.


To make it easier for you, at Dental Company we have prepared the following summary chart of foods that are prohibited and allowed during treatment. A list that our professionals recommend to follow during the 2 – 4 weeks after the procedure.


  1. Appropriate oral hygiene rules

Create good habits when brushing. Brush your teeth at least three times a day, after every meal, regardless of where you are. We take this point to define a series of tips for you to achieve a perfect brushing:


Make rinses with water before brushing. Before you start, wash your hands thoroughly and rinse with water to clean your teeth of the most superficial food remains.

Choose toothpaste well. To avoid aggressive treatment of your teeth, use a toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Also, do not forget to change the brush every two or three months.

A proper brushing technique is essential. It is important to always follow the same order to avoid that we forget to brush some area. Make circular vibratory movements at least 10 times on each side of the tooth, both on the outside and inside. Do not forget the language, so you will avoid halitosis.

Bad breath is linked to the presence of a type of plaque formed on the tongue. To avoid this problem, clean it every day.


Flossin, good ally. After each meal, you can use dental floss as an effective method to remove food debris that is lodged between the teeth.

Use mouth rinses. The use of antiseptics should be recommended by the dentist. Despite this, using colorants with colorant or chlorhexidine is prohibited.

  1. Visit your dentist regularly

Go to the dentist’s office frequently. In this way, your doctor can evaluate the possible wear or darkening of the color, as well as the state of the enamel, the gum or the sensitivity in the whole denture.


Do not forget, this treatment is within the promotion that Dental Company offers you only during this month of May, the month of dental aesthetics. Remember, cleaning plus whitening for only € 129. Take advantage of this offer and follow these tips to enjoy a perfect smile for this summer!

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