Can Heavy Exercise Make Wrinkles Look Worse

 Can Heavy Exercise Make Wrinkles Look Worse

These days keeping yourself healthy, fit and fine isn’t enough but you need to be toned according to the latest trend. This is what will give a strong impression among people. Therefore a lot of exercises are famous among people for toning their bodies; these are heavy exercises that generate a lot of sweat and burn the excess fat and calories making you look slimmer. Other than this, exercises are also famous as it is said that keep you away from wrinkles. Reading such similar articles many people started exercising heavily because they wanted to get their skin in proper shape and never did they want to have wrinkles.

However, wrinkles are the characteristic feature of old age that no matter what will come as you advance in the age. It has been an old adage myth that wrinkles come because of the losing muscle tone and skin folding so when one exercise heavily, he will be able to avoid these. However, there is no such scientific proof of this. Fibers known as collagen fibers are present in our skin which tends to lose elasticity as age advances so the skin begins to fall gradually in the form of wrinkles.

So, in order to remove wrinkles, people start heavy workouts but it should be made clear that this is not going to affect at all. This is so because the normal body processes cannot be altered by any mechanism. The collagen fibers do get loose with advancing age and they will always. Now, during this process of them losing their elasticity if you exercise heavily and stretch your muscles beyond the comfort point, they will be aided with more help in losing their elasticity and the process will be rather faster hence making your wrinkle process faster.

Therefore the fact that heavy exercise makes your wrinkles look worse is definitely true and should be strictly condemned by the people. In order to remove wrinkles, other methods can be undertaken like the more simpler and effective ones. These can be like oxygenating your skin surface by taking antioxidant-rich foods, green leafy vegetables and fruits and thus a proper and healthy diet. This will help the people to nourish their skin and delay the aging process but this will surely not terminate it and it doesn’t ever. The earlier people understand this fact, the easier this is going to be.

Also, people are aware of the fact that aging is a natural process which is inevitable. It can be delayed but it can’t be stopped. Therefore, this tradition of exercising in order to look delay wrinkles must be curbed as soon as possible. There are other ways to remove wrinkles like taking proper beauty treatments or special treatments but this exercising principle is surely not going to work. Everyone wants to look young and beautiful because young is beautiful however it strongly recommended that every phase of life should be greeted with its own advantages happily. They will all have some beautifully wrapped gifts as the time advances.

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